Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Batching Plants
Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Batching Plants

What is a concrete plant? Aggregate consisting of materials such as sand, gravel or crushed stone; These are the facilities where the trucks or truck mixers are filled after they are mixed with additives such as water or cement and turned into ready-mixed concrete.

Concrete batching plants with precision weighing and mixing technology used in the construction industry have different models. concrete plant; It consists of aggregate hopper, aggregate weighing belt, mixer feeding belt, aggregate bucket, cement silos, cement spiral, concrete mixer and automation system in which processes are controlled.

What is Concrete Batching Plant, What are its Models?

Concrete batching plants, which are frequently used in the construction and building sector, have different models. Among the concrete batching plant models produced in accordance with your needs and expectations;

Mobile concrete batching plant

Belt concrete batching plant

 Bucket concrete batching plant

 Concrete batching plant with scraper

 Twin type concrete batching plant

 There is a dry type concrete batching plant.

While mobile concrete batching plants are mostly preferred in short-term projects, concrete batching plants with scraper are preferred in projects with low investment and production costs.

Different types of concrete batching plants

Concrete Batching Plant-Based on Location

Stationary concrete batching plant

Stationary Plants are often composed of huge twin shaft mixers that are designed to work at full capability, efficiency and reliability for a variety of large-scale and high-quality concrete production. Stationary concrete production equipment is built to offer maximum rated production capacity and long work hours. The new models are furnished mainly with twin shaft mixers for maximized capacity, the plants are also available with Planetary mixers and batch sizes could be modified. The Stationary Plants are available in various capacities ranging from 30 m3 to 240 m3 per hour of compacted concrete output. In the current Stationary concrete plants, the aggregates are stored in horizontal bins. The gathering conveyor belt runs below the bins where the weighing of aggregates takes place and the aggregates are then discharged onto the charging conveyor. Pneumatically operated gates are provided for discharge of the aggregate onto the gathering conveyor. The material is all weighed accurately and transferred to the twin shaft mixer through a slinger conveyor. The new batching plants also come with the Skip Hoist and Belt arrangement option for mixer loading. The news models can adopt silica dosing and some special additives very easily.

What is Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete, which is used in almost all construction projects, is produced in concrete plants with precision weighing and high mixing technology. Aggregate, cement, water and additives are weighed precisely in weighing scales in accordance with the concrete recipes determined in the laboratory tests, and high quality concrete is produced by mixing homogeneously in high-efficiency fast concrete mixers.

In the past, all of the concrete batching plants were produced as fixed concrete batching plants, even the smallest ones were transported with 4-5 trucks, they were installed in a certain area for a certain period of time, and the concrete was produced in the same place for many years without changing the location.

The increase in construction projects, the increase in the need for concrete in the projects and the necessity of completing the projects in a short time have led the construction companies to produce their own concrete for their projects.

When their projects are completed, the construction companies wanted the concrete batching plants, which they will use in their other projects, to be more flexible, mobile, easier to transport and to be installed faster than the stationary concrete batching plants. Mobile concrete batching plants are designed to meet these needs.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is designed to be placed on a mobile chassis with axles and wheels behind all units in a concrete batching plant. A truck tractor can pull this mobile unit and the concrete batching plant is mobilized in this way.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant provides the following advantages to its users compared to stationary concrete batching plants:

1-Easier to carry. The main unit of the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant can be transported with 1 truck tractor.

2-It can be installed, dismantled and relocated faster and easier. It provides serious flexibility to its users.

3-Requires Less Installation Space. It can be installed within the project area.

4-Requires Less Concrete Foundation. It can be installed on a flat concrete floor.

5- Provides Easy Installation Permit Advantage. In some cases, permission is not required.

Especially for the construction companies working on a project basis, the features given above provide great flexibility and a significant savings in their total costs.

Usage Areas of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

While Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are mostly preferred in the project-based works of construction companies, they are also preferred in the proposals of ready-mixed concrete companies for large projects by being installed within the project area and producing concrete only for that project.

Before the Mobile Concrete Plants, construction companies were supplying concrete from ready-mixed concrete companies, if they were near the project, or they were building a stationary concrete batching plant for their own project. However, in some countries and in some project areas, this situation both increased the costs of the companies and caused them to not be able to supply the concrete at the desired quality and at the desired time.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, by offering suitable solutions for all kinds of projects with its different models, encouraged all construction companies to be more independent and more flexible while executing their projects by establishing their own mobile concrete batching plants.

Features of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are the product of a serious engineering work. All units are placed in a smaller area with aesthetic lines.

Aggregate bunker where aggregate is stored, aggregate weighing conveyor where aggregate weighing is made, cement scale where cement weighing is made, water scale where water weighing is made, additive scale where chemical additives are weighed, and a concrete mixing mixer that mixes all these materials homogeneously and quickly are placed on the main unit. A control cabinet with a fully automatic computerized control system is also placed on the main unit. During transportation, the control cabinet is folded and made suitable for transportation.

Axles and wheels are placed at the rear of the main unit. The tractor can be carried by pulling the main unit from the front by attaching to the king pin placed in the front of the main unit. The external dimensions of the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant are designed in accordance with European Highway standards, and it can be shipped by road even to very distant countries with a special permit. The mobile power plant can be easily shipped to all countries by sea. Only the main unit is shipped as an open load, while the other units are easily placed in the container.

The other units required for the Mobile Concrete Plant are the cement silo, the cement screw, the cement silo filter and the aggregate pre-feeding system, which are shipped with standard trucks or containers.

Aggregate bunkers in Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are generally square type bunkers, with 2 aggregate chambers placed on one side and 2 aggregate chambers on the opposite side. Aggregate hopper can be filled with concrete or steel aggregate loading ramp or it can be filled more effectively with Aggregate Pre-Feeding System. There are 2 types of Aggregate Pre-Feeding System.

1-Compact Aggregate Pre-Feeding System (Can be shipped in Truck or Container)

2-Mobile Aggregate Pre-Feeding System (Axle and wheels are placed at the rear just like the Mobile main unit and can be shipped with a truck tractor)

Linear type (row type) aggregate bunker with 4 chambers is used in high capacity mobile concrete batching plants.

In Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, electricity, water and pneumatic installations are generally produced in the factory, while they are produced as ready-drawn on the mobile plant. This feature saves time at the place of installation and shortens the installation time of the mobile exchange. While a medium-capacity stationary concrete batching plant can be installed in 14-21 days, a mobile concrete batching plant can be installed in 7-9 days.

A flat concrete foundation is usually sufficient for Mobile Concrete Batching Plants. There is no need for concrete foundations with a certain height required in Fixed Concrete Batching Plants. This situation provides the user with a serious advantage in the cost of concrete foundation, and ensures that this concrete foundation does not have to be incurred in every new place where it will be installed while the mobile plant is relocated.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are equipped with weighing conveyors and weighing bunkers with high weighing precision. The entire concrete production process is carried out with a fully automatic computerized control system with PLC system. With a SCADA-based concrete production software, concrete can be produced in accordance with the concrete recipe, and all parameters can be controlled and recorded. Concrete mixing mixer with high weighing precision and advanced technology directly affects the concrete quality.