Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact Concrete Batching Plants
Compact Concrete Batching Plants



Type NC20 NC 40 NC60
Plant Capacity (m³/hour) 20m³/h 40m³/h 60m³/h
NSS 750/500 NSS 1500/1000 NSS 2250/1500
Mixer Capacity 0,5 m³ 1 m³ 1,5 m³
Dry Capacity 750 lt 1500 lt 2250 lt.
Compressed Concrete 500 lt 1000 lt 1500 lt.
Mixing Motor Power 18,5 kw 37 kw 55 kw
Aggregate Bunker Compartments 4 units 4 units 4 units
Aggregate Bunker Capacity 3x15=45m³ 4x20=80m³ 4x20=80m³
Aggregate Weighing Belt 1000/6200mm 1000/11000mm 1000/11000mm
Feeding Belt Conveyor Skip hoist Skip hoist Skip hoist
Aggregate Collecting Hopper 2000 kg 3000 kg 4000 kg
Cement Weighing Hopper 300 kg 500 kg 800 kg
Water Weighing Hopper 180 kg 250 kg 500 kg
Additive Weighing Hopper 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Cement Silo Capacity 50 ton 50-75 ton 75-100 ton
(Optional) (Optional) (Optional)
Cement Screw 193/7000-11500 mm 273/7000-11500 mm 273/7000-11500 mm
Water Pump 30 m3/h 40 m3/h 40 m3/h
Air pressure tank 1350 lt/m 1350 lt/m 1350 lt/m
Total Motor Power 60-65kw 80-90kw 100-110kw

Compact Concrete Batching Plants 

Our Compact Concrete Batch Plants are single load, fully mobile batching plants with quick setup and fast mix times.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants are made up of smaller units of pre-designed or pre-wired production equipment that are often transported in batches to be finally assembled at the site they are to be used. This ensures that transportation is both faster and easier. This compact design ensures that the compact concrete plant combines some of the mobility advantages of the mobile batching plants and the performance prowess of the stationary concrete batching plant.

compact concrete batching plants are specially designed models which can be transported within only 1 unit tractor - trailer or 40 ft OT container

Compact concrete batching plants are also called as containerized type concrete plants. Production capacity of our compact concrete plants changes between 20 to 100 m3/h. 

To transfer the aggregates from aggregate hopper to mixer by a skip hoist system instead of a belt conveyor is the main factor that minimizes the sizes of application area. In addition, sizes of aggregates hopper and other elements are also more compact in comparison with stationary type concrete plants.

Compact concrete batching plants, which are preferred in narrow working areas, have been produced in a way to combine the high efficiency of fixed concrete plants and the easy portability of mobile concrete plants. It makes it more preferred by businesses because it covers less area in the project area where it will produce, is easy to transport and is easier to install.

Our compact concrete batching plants, which have been in higher demand compared to other concrete batching plants in recent years, stand out with their low cost. Having many features that businesses want and high performance with low cost makes it one of the first choice options in narrow working areas. The compact concrete batching plants produced by our company have all these features.

Our company produces compact concrete batching plants that produce 30, 60 and 100 m3 of concrete per hour according to the needs of the enterprises. Thanks to its easy installation and transportation, we are one of the first preferred companies by many businesses.

While our compact concrete plants with a capacity of 30 m3 will be the best choice for businesses with a low budget and narrow working area, our compact concrete plants with a capacity of 60 and 100 m3 will be the best choice for businesses that want serial and quality production in any working area.

Our compact concrete batching plants, which are better than the products of other companies in many ways, provide higher quality production in accordance with standards for enterprises. It has better features than other compact concrete batching plants in terms of engine power, cement silo, aggregate hopper, mixer feeding band, aggregate weighing band, aggregate bucket, cement weighing chamber, water weighing chamber and additive weighing chamber. In this way, it provides more efficient and standards-compliant production for businesses that prefer our products.

Our compact concrete batching plants produced by our company provide higher quality and higher performance production compared to the products of other companies.

Perfectly matched to market and customer needs, our system technology impresses with a wide range of customization options and high-quality workmanship. 

Highly compact and fully automatic Concrete Plant is available and plant could be erected and dismantled in a day.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants are made up of smaller units of pre-designed or pre-wired production equipment that are often transported in batches to be finally assembled at the site they are to be used. 

Compact concrete plant is designed to minimize work on site during installation and tested at the manufacturing facilities.

Because of their compact design, these mini concrete plants are easy and rapidly erected as well as easy to transport.

Compact concrete batching plant has significant transportation and operating advantages in site/site mobilization and concrete production.

Relying on short-term construction projects, the world's leading contractors uses a compact design, easy to carry from one place to quickly 

We are manufacturer of compact concrete batching plant that help in meeting the demands where concrete is involved.

Our compact concrete batching plants were designed to be easily and economically transported to overseas. Thanks to its modular and pre-assembled structure.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants designed considering economical shipping costs which can enter and transport with 40' OT (Open Top) container and  can be transported easily and economically in land and sea transportation.